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Who should you plan your 2021 vacation with? The largest tour operators in Tajikistan

We made a list of the largest tour operators and travel agencies of our republic with addresses and phone numbers.

Tourism is gradually returning to normal. According to the UNWTO (UN World Tourism Organization), almost 70% of countries have somehow eased travel restrictions imposed in the spring in connection with the coronavirus.

It is hoped that there will be more tourists in Tajikistan in 2021. And we ourselves would not hurt to learn more about our native land.

Most of the tour operators and agencies listed below participated in the Tajikistan-2020 online exhibition and have their own information resources on the Internet.

“Pamir Central Asia”

Address: Murghab, st. 70th anniversary of Murghab, 34

Tel: +992 900 889916.996 553 459393.



Pamir Central Asia is an adventure travel company founded and operated by locals and one of the main tour operators in the Pamirs.

“Pamir Peaks”

Address: Dushanbe, st. Friendship of Peoples, 47

Tel: 900-877898


Web site:

The Pamir Peaks company is the exclusive organizer of tours to the peaks of Ismoil Somoni (Communism – 7495 m), E. Korzhenevskaya (7105 m), Abu Ali Ibni Sino (Lenin 7134 m).

In addition, Pamir Peaks is the official registrar of the Snow Leopard title among climbers.

Climbing tourist base “Artuch”

Address: Penjikent, Urech valley

Tel: +99292888688


Web site:

Mountaineering, trekking, mountain hiking, jeep tours, minibus tours, hunting and fishing, historical and cultural tours, translation services, tent rental, donkey and horse rental, transport rental, transfers, accommodation at the Artuch base.

Tourist routes go to the lakes Iskanderkul, Kuli-Kalon, Alauddin, Allo and Marguzor. It is convenient for most tourists to come to Artuch from Khujand and Dushanbe (via the Anzob mountain road) or Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

“Sarez Travel”

Address: Rushan district, Barchidev village

Tel: 992 93 500 4150, 55 555 7085

Email: info@sarez.trave

Web site:

The travel agency “Sarez Travel” organizes trips to one of the most beautiful and incredible places in the Pamirs – Lake Sarez, as well as to the Fedchenko glacier and other places.

Tourists can get to Sarez in three ways, each with its own difficulty level.

On request, the company can organize a tour through Bartang, Yashilkul Lake or Karakul.

Orom Travel

Address: Dushanbe city, st. Nisor Muhammad, 16, passage 4

Tel: +992 987133005, +992 98 713 3004


Web site:

Tour company “Orom Travel” was founded in 2012 and is one of the young tour operators in Tajikistan. In 2017, the company was inducted into the Adventure Travel Trade Association and awarded a scholarship for positive impact in empowering women in the travel industry.

The company offers tours throughout Tajikistan and Central Asia. The visiting card is the kite flying tour.


Address: 148/9 Rudaki village 734017 Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Phone: +99293771135


Web site:

The travel agency “Avant Tour” offers routes along the Gissar and Zeravshan ranges, the Fan Mountains and the Pamir mountains. Among the services – trekking, mountain climbing, auto, bike and horse tours, cultural programs.

Rohat Tour

Address: Rudaki Avenue 30, Dushanbe

Tel: +992.92.774.0737 +992.93.581.21.73


Web site:

Travel agency “Rohat Tour” offers its clients a full range of services in Tajikistan. The company promises services for the preparation of an individual tour package, taking into account the wishes of the client.

Corporate clients are offered a wide range of services – business meetings, meetings, corporate recreation, transfers, offsite trainings and team building events and much more.

Zurmich Ltd.Co

Address: Panjikent, Bakkoli, 24

Tel: +99292926710

Email mail:

Web site:

Travel agency “Zurmich Ltd.Co” has been operating since March 2006 and specializes in organizing mountain sports tourism and excursion travel within the republic.

Tours of the Fan Mountains and lakes are very popular.

“Orient Adventure”

Address: Dushanbe. Etc. Rudaki, 148/9. Index 734017

Tel: +992372243879


Web site:

Orient Adventure company organizes hikes, climbing, auto, motorcycle and bike tours, tours in the Fan Mountains and Pamir. The company is also famous for its cultural tours “Five stans”, “Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan”, “Navruz” and others.

The company also offers transportation services.

“Badakhshan Travel”

Address: 736000, Khorog st. Lenin, 133/4 square 5

Tel: +992 908205555, + 99298891349


Web site:

Badakhshan Travel specializes in providing travel services, both in Tajikistan itself and in other countries of Central Asia, including the safe regions of Afghanistan.

The company successfully cooperates with foreign travel companies that offer adventure tours in mountainous countries.

“Panchakent Intour”

Address: Penjikent, st. Borbadi Marvazi 16

Tel: +992.92.774.0737 +992.93.581.21.73

Email mail:

Web site:

The Panchakent Intour Tourism Organization has been operating since 2016. On her website, she advertises various tours of the historical cities, lakes and mountains of Tajikistan.

AAA – Tours

Address: Dushanbe, st. Ahmadi Donish, 19

Phone: +992 (44) 640-46-00

Email mail:


The company specializes in tours to foreign countries. Invites foreign tour operators to Tajikistan and acquaints them with the tourism opportunities of the republic.

This year AAA-Tours was recognized by the World Travel Awards as the best tour operator in Tajikistan.

“Roof of the World Travel”

Address: Dushanbe, st. Jomi 2/2,

Tel: +992 93 563 7141

Email mail:

Web site:

Travel agency “Roof of the World Travel” was founded in 2012. Their mission, as they themselves admit, is to provide maximum comfort and true pleasure from travel, getting unforgettable emotions while walking along the paths of the Great Silk Road even for the most demanding tourists.

Among the tours offered by the company are an independent adventure along the Pamir Highway, a weekend tour in Dushanbe, adventure tours in the Pamir and the Fan Mountains.


Author: Sayfiddin Karaev, Asia-Plus