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List of documents required to conclude a subagent agreement with OJSC “Agency of Air Communications” for the sale of air tickets.

The list of necessary documents for submission to JSC “Agency of Air Communications”:

  1. Letter addressed to the General Director of JSC “Agency of Air Communications” with a request to conclude a subagent agreement.
  2. Articles of Association (notarized copy).
  3. Memorandum of Association (notarized copy).
  4. Certificate of state registration of legal entities person (notarized copy).
  5. Certificate of entry into the Unified State register of legal entities persons about legal entities person (notarized copy).
  6. Certificate of tax registration at the location in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan (copy).
  7. Notification of the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system (if any) – copy.
  8. Extract from the minutes of the meeting of founders (shareholders) on the appointment (election) of the head, power of attorney – in case of transfer of authority to conclude the Agency Agreement to another person.
  9. A copy of a certificate of ownership or a document confirming the right of economic management or lease, or other property right to the occupied areas (branches, points of sale or booking).
  10. IATA accreditation certificate with assigned IATA numbers.
  11. Copy of the license.
  12. Information letter about the agency / company with the following details:
    1. full name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents:
    2. list of management personnel (indicating full name, position and phone numbers), total number of employees:
    3. legal address, actual address:
    4. phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail address:
    5. availability of contracts for air transportation with other airlines as agents or subagents:
    6. current account number (somoni):
    7. full name and location of the bank institution:
    8. correspondent account, BIK, identification number (TIN):
    9. sales office addresses:
    10. availability of equipment (booking systems, ticket printing equipment, computers, telephones, facsimile communication, etc.) equipment with alarm and security devices.