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Dushanbe airport

Dushanbe International Airport, like in other big cities, is located on the outskirts of the city, or rather, in the south-eastern part of the capital of Tajikistan. To ensure the safety and reception of modern airliners at the Dushanbe airport, the runway has been reconstructed in recent years. Today Dushanbe airport has international status and is capable of receiving all types of aircraft. At the airport, along with the ordinary departure lounge, there are VIP and CIP lounges created to provide VIP and CIP clients with special, most comfortable conditions for waiting for a flight and going through organizational, customs and border procedures. For such category of passengers, there is a separate lounge, its own passport control and customs office. Sometimes a separate gangway is provided for boarding the plane. Dushanbe International Airport provides a range of services designed to ensure convenience and comfort to passengers. These include:

– Information desk;

– Cafes, bars, and fast food restaurants;
– Currency exchange;
– Ticket offices for the sale of air transportation;
– Duty free shops, souvenirs, etc.
– News- and magazine stands;
– ATMs;
– Internet (Wi-Fi);

How to get to the airport: city taxi, trolleybus No. 4, bus No. 8, share taxi No. 1,7,8,14,16,33. The information and reference group is available around the clock. Contact number: 221-19-66, (47) 449-42-33, 006. When calling from a mobile phone, clients can call 09-09 and find out the information they are interested in.



Dushanbe International Airport is the largest airport in terms of providing regular international and domestic service (it accounts for more than 80% of the market).

Currently, the capital’s airport has a capacity of up to 200 passengers per hour. Work is under way on the attraction of new investors for the construction of a new international terminal with a capacity of 500 passengers per hour.

Dushanbe airfield is a class B airfield with the ICAO code designation – 4D, capable of receiving A-310, B-737, B-767, Il-62, Il-76, Tu-154 and all lighter aircrafts, as well as helicopters of all types.

Khujand airport


Address: 735715, the Republic of Tajikistan, Khujand-15 city, airport

Phone numbers: +992 (47) 448-32-81


Kulob airport


Address: 735360, the Republic of Tajikistan, Kulyab district, k / z Hamadoni

Phone numbers: +992 (47) 447-61-10


Bokhtar airport


Address: 735140, the Republic of Tajikistan, Bokhtar city, airport

Phone numbers: +992 (47) 444-57-90

Fax: +992 (3222) 2-26-88